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Computer games are a part of people’s everyday lives today. They are played when one is bored, waiting for an event, or simply because they are passionate about the game. It is a fact that a lot of time is spent on these computer games like. The type of games played varies. The reasons vary. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. It is best to be occupied with a computer game.

Why do people play computer games?

People love to be active. When at home and free, many resort to playing video games to pass the time. They find putting the mind to work by solving crimes and crossing obstacles on the two-dimensional screen a very entertaining and enterprising activity. Being able to take a break from real life problems and solving a few fantasy-based issues is very moralizing to the soul. It can boost confidence to face life again when a simple break is possible. There is an overall boost in the mood as well. The adrenaline rush and the endorphin in the body put the mind in a very productive mood.

Benefits of playing computer games

Computer games are good for you. It is an established fact. The games make you think. They keep you on your feet. They increase your productivity because your brain learns to think on the fly. Instant decisions are made. Your reflexes improve. You learn to be prepared for the unexpected. In life, that is a big advantage. The general awareness improves because while playing computer games, you are on a constant lookout. The subconscious makes plans about the steps to be taken in case something out of the ordinary takes place. The tendency to prepare a Plan B comes from computer games.
The general attitude of a person improves. With computer games, you are bound to lose. You learn to take the failure well and try better next time. This attitude, when applied to real life, can be a real blessing. Many people accept defeat immediately and refuse to try. Computer games help people try again and again. The realization that failure is the stepping stone to success is exemplified in a big way with computer games.

The visual processing skills are sharpened with video games on the computer. The mind’s eye captures different scenarios and situations and uses them to solve the puzzles. Experienced games are good at tracking objects and segregating useful information from the rest. Multi-tasking is possible with regular and professional gamers. The learning ability is also developed. Many games give the players a minimum of three lives. The message sent is that it is alright to fail. You have a second chance. Persistence and perseverance are amplified in the people who play video games. They do not give up too easily. Trying to solve the same problem in many ways is also a trick that gamers pick up. The imagination and the creativity are enhanced. Problem-solving skills are also improved. Information is processed at a rapid speed.

Brain training exercises are a very good activity. The cognitive abilities are sharpened because of a few specific games. Quick and snap decisions are made.
Computer games make you smarter. It improves your memory. The overall intelligence improves because of the street smart attitude. People with mental health issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s are encouraged to play a few computer games now and then to keep the mind active and occupied. Games such as sudoku, crosswords and other puzzles on the computer enhance the capabilities of the mind and put it to work.

When is playing computer games considered bad?

Computer addiction is most definitely a cause for concern. Excessively playing these games make the body crave for the adrenaline rush that the game brings. Addiction to computer games is an increasing worry. People stay up all night sometimes to play. This makes them lose out on the much-needed sleep and therefore, the productivity of the day comes down. The body is exhausted and the mind is overworked. It is a bad sign for the individual. Anything done within the limit is considered to be alright. Even medicines have to have to be consumed in the right dosage. Computer games have a positive effect and many benefits when played in the right amount. It can be dangerous when signs of addiction are seen.

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